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Homework 8.12.17- High Frequency Words Snakes and Ladders

Homework - 01.12.17 Can you read the caption and match it to the picture?

Homework 24.11.17 Healthy Food Rainbow

Homework 17.11.17 Design a Superhero

Homework 10.11.17 Rhyming strings

Homework 3.11.17 Rhyming Pairs

Homework 17.10.17 - I Spy

'I Spy' is always a fun way to learn about initial sounds in words.  We hope you enjoy this spooky version!

Homework 10.10.17- Owl Babies

We have loved learning about this story in class this week.  Please watch the clip below and encourage your child to retell the story and to show you the actions that we have used in class.  Ask the children questions to help them to understand the story.  

How does Bill feel in the story? How do you know he feels like this?

What do the baby owls think has happened to their mummy?

How did the baby owls feel when their mummy came back?

Can you tell me about where the owls live?