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Picture 1 Subjunctive 25.04.18
For your homework this week, I would like you to write a book review for any book of your choosing. Remember to not give away any of the twists in the story, as you don't want to ruin it for the reader. Just give them enough information to get them engaged and want to pick up the book and read it themselves.

February 2018 Half Term Homework

February 2018 Half Term Homework 1
February 2018 Half Term Homework 2
February 2018 Half Term Homework 3
February 2018 Half Term Homework 4
February 2018 Half Term Homework 5


Homework 02.02.18 (Due 06.02.18)


This week your homework is to write a letter to your pen pal in Vietnam. Make sure to answer any questions they asked you in the previous letter and come up with some questions of your own. You might want to ask about their family, their school, what they like to do with their friends, what music they like. Remember how much effort your pen pal put into the presentation of their letter, so please make sure that you return the favour and ensure that your handwriting is beautiful!  

Homework 12.01.18 (Due on 17.01.18)


Write a new sentence for each subordinating conjunction from the useful ideas section below. Try to challenge yourself by changing where you position the subordinating conjunction in the sentence. (Remember, it can go at the beginning, in the middle or at the end)

Useful Ideas!

Useful Ideas! 1