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May 2018 

This week, you must complete the mixed assessment on MyMaths. If there are any parts of the assessment that you are struggling with, please make a note of them and we can find some time to revise them in class together. The wrok is due in on 11.05.18

March 2018

Let's review what we've learnt this week about line graphs. Take your time and make sure you read the questions carefully before answering. Also check that you are reading the scale correctly on the different axes. As I only assigned the work on Sunday, I will give you a few days extra to complete it; you have until Sunday. 


This week you must complete the work on multiplying fractions on MyMaths. Multiplying fractions is really simple, you don't even need to change the denominator! If you have a whole number, just remember to put it over 1 so you don't get confused. 

February 2018

Homework this week is to complete the measurement task on MyMaths. I expect this to be completed by Monday 26th February as you have a whole week off school! Remember that I will also be handing out loads of dojos when we come back for children who pass their times table grids so get practising! 

I have noticed that some people are not logging in to MyMaths each week. If you are having problems accessing the site at home, please come and speak to me or consider joining homework club one day after school. This week we are revising coordinates in all 4 quadrants. We haven't looked at this for a while, so if you are struggling then let me know and we can have a quick revision session.  


Great work on MyMaths last week everyone! This week you have been set work on Multiplication which is due in on Friday 9th February. Remember to attempt the task at least 3 times if you do not get 100%.

Homework this week is to complete the angle sum task on MyMaths. If you have any problems getting on the website at home, then come and speak to me in school. The work must be completed by Friday the 2nd of February.


Remember that if you make some mistakes, you should repeat the same task and try to improve your score.  no