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Homework 15.6.18

Homework 8.6.18

Homework 25.5.18

Homework 18.5.18

Homework 11.5.18

Homework 4.5.18

Homework 27.4.18

Homework 9.3.18

Homework 2.3.18 Subtraction

Homework 16.2.18 Problem Solving

Homework 9.2.18 Problem Solving

Homework 2.2.18 Number Recognition

Homework 26.1.18 Number Recognition

Homework 1.12.17 Finding One More Than a Number

Homework 24.11.17 Hungry Caterpillar Maths

Homework 17.11.17 Number Recognition

Homework 3.11.17- Adding Two Groups of Objects


Homework 10.10.17 - Numbers in Our Environment

This week we are looking for numbers in the environment.  How many different places can children spot numbers in this clip?  Spend time this week looking for numbers in the environment, this might be on the way to school or on a trip to the shops.  Talk to the children about what numbers they can see? How many numbers can they recognise? Speak to children about why numbers are so important and why we need numbers?