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Maths Homework - 8.6.18

Maths Half Term Homework - 25.5.18


There is no directed Maths Task for half term as you are completing your Topic Homework. Remember to keep learning your Times Tables and use 'My Maths'for maths activities and games.

Maths Homework - 18.5.18

Maths Homework - 4.5.18

Maths Homework - 27.4.18

My Maths - Online

Area of Rectangles.

Think back to this week and the work we have completed on finding area to complete this task online. There are notes there to help you. Remember, if you are having difficulty accessing My Maths on a computer, attending 'Homework Club' is a great way to complete the tasks.

My Maths also offers lots of exciting maths games to play.

Keep practising those times tables! smiley

Maths Homework - 20.4.18

Easter Holiday Homework - 29.3.18


There have been three sets of homework tasks for you to complete on My Maths and they are due to be completed by Friday 20th April - in three weeks time.

1. Multiply double digits.

2. Number and Place Value.

3. Times Tables.


The fists two are My Maths Tasks - please log in to complete. You have the option of leaving a message if you need to. The third task is to complete the times tables sheets given to you in class. Challenge yourself each time to improve your highest score, what an improvement there has been already!


Maths Homework - 23.3.18


Maths homework is as discussed in class, to continue to bring in examples of graphs and timetables for WEDNESDAY 28th MARCH.

Maths Homework - 16.3.18


Your tasks for homework this week are to find as many examples of data in the real world as you can. You might find graphs in newspapers, Cinema Viewing tables, and tables in TV Guides. You might finds lots of other examples. If you can't cut them out, perhaps you could copy them and bring them in next Friday.

Continue to practise your times tables. Remember, 'My Maths' has games to play on and you still have your log in for 'Mathletics' until Monday. Enjoy!

Maths Homework - 9.3.18

My Maths - Online

Three more tasks have been set on My Maths to be completed by next Friday, 16th March.

They are:

Counting 5, Estimation Introduction and Measuring lengths.


Challenge yourself this week to repeat the tasks in order to improve your previous score! surprise


Remember to keep practising your times tables for our weekly three minute challenges!

Maths Homework - 9.2.18

My Maths - Online

Three more tasks have been set on My Maths to be completed by next Friday. Please make sure you login and save any activities completed:

Any problems, please ask. smiley

Maths Homework - 2.2.18

My Maths - Online

Homework Tasks have been set for your child to complete. They will bring home their passwords tomorrow (2.2.18).

Maths Homework 22.11.17 (due 29.11.17)

Maths Homework 15.11.17 (due 22.11.17)

Maths Homework 1.11.17

Maths Homework 11.10.17