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We are a group of Year 6 pupils who meet weekly to bring you the news from across the school. Keep checking the page regularly for new stories.  

Health Workshop

Written by Olivia, George and Taliya.

During the week, St Joseph’s held an event for parents/carers and children after school to promote being healthy.


The event was held on Tuesday afternoon and it contained many things: hula hoop contests, football contests, how far can you stretch, healthy food stand, colouring, how many germs are on your hands, healthy eating poster competition and can you guess how much sugar the drink contains.


Becky - a Police Community Supporter and Traffic Officer - was invited into school to talk about the dangers of talking to strangers. She told us that she helps/supports victims of crime such as burglaries and anti-social behaviour.


Freddy Fit was also invited to our school to show the children many ways of maintaining their body. This week he came and taught every class PE on Tuesday and Wednesday. Freddy Fit was very funny, exciting and great fun; all the children loved it.


The Play Leaders, who play games with children during lunch times, hosted their own activity where children could take part in hoolahoppping and football activities. One Play Leader said: “We are here so that we can up level the children’s sports and games at lunch times.”


Mrs Anderson stated, “I put this health workshop together to raise awareness of the children’s health and safety.”


All the people who came to the evening loved it!


Mrs Holman has created an exciting new system to monitor and improve attendance for our school.


At the end of the week, our ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Advisor), Mrs Holman, has arranged that the class which has the best attendance will win a whole class prize.


At the end of the Award Assembly on Friday, the winning class is announced. A child from the winning class will pull a prize out of a bag. There are multiple prizes to win: crazy hair day, biscuit decorating, extra playtime, board games, fancy dress and many more.


Olivia, a year 6 pupil who attended crazy hair day, said: ‘It was very exciting seeing other people’s hair styles. Prizes are good to have because it motivates people to come into school.’


Kacper (a year 6 pupil) quoted: ‘It was really cool and I loved seeing other people’s hair. It also makes pupils want to get into school so that they can get a reward.’


Miss Tully’s and Mrs Rozario’s classes have won the majority of the attendance prices so far.












F2 classroom transformation

Written by Olivia


During the summer break, a building contractor came to our school to transform the two F2 classrooms into one large F2 classroom.


Now all the infant children are all together in the same classroom. In total there are 40 children with the teachers: Mrs Anderson, Mrs Todd, Mrs Williams, Mrs Williams and Miss Celia.


Georgia, an F2 student, said: “It’s very fun all together.”


Cameron, a F2 child, commented: “I love it because I’m with all my friends.”


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