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Weekly Spellings - 18.5.18

Weekly Spellings - 11.5.18

Weekly Spellings - 4.5.18

Weekly Spellings - 20.4.18


Continue learning your Year 5/6 spellings this week. We will be using lots of them in our writing!

Easter Spellings - 29.3.18


You have been given a copy of your own personal spelling list. These spellings will be tested again when we return to school after Easter, on Friday 20th April. If you lose your list, there is a copy of the 3/4 and 5/6 spellings further down this section.

Weekly Spellings - To be tested on Wednesday 28th March.

Weekly Spellings

Weekly Spellings


Mrs Lally has given individual spellings for this week

Spelling Homework 13.10.17

Can you learn all of the Year 5/6 spellings?

Can you learn all of the Year 3/4 spellings?