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St. Joseph’s Out of School Club



St Joseph's Out of School Club provides a service to look after your child before school or after School. Our dedicated and qualified team provide a safe and enriching environment for your child. Children can be registered for before school, after school or both. The club is flexible - it suits your needs. It can be used on a regular basis or for those times when an emergency necessitates. Children can be dropped off or collected at a time convenient for yourself.


St. Joseph’s Out of School Club operates within St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Upton.


We provide Before School care from 7.30am until 8.50am and After School care from 3.30 pm until 6.00 pm. 

St. Joseph’s Out of School Club is not restricted to children attending school and children from other schools are welcome to apply for a place at the club.


St. Joseph’s Out of School Club is registered with OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education) and the Registration Number is EY239518. We are registered to provide before & after School care.


St. Joseph’s Out of School Club provides a stimulating environment and a welcoming friendly atmosphere where a wide range of activities provide opportunities for all children regardless of ethnic background, culture, language, gender, special educational needs, economic background/HIV/AIDS status. The Out of School Club works with parents to meet children’s individual needs.


Each session is organised to provide positive experiences through a flexible routine and during the sessions the children are provided with a healthy and nutritional snack taking into account any special dietary or cultural needs.




Breakfast Club                                                         7.30 am – 8.50 am


(With breakfast served until 8.30 am)


After School Club                                                    3.30 pm – 6.00 pm 

Aims of the Club


St. Joseph’s Out of School Club will aim to provide before and after school care for children ages 4-11 that meets the needs of both children and parents. We aim to provide a safe and secure environment in which children can develop social and interactive skills in conjunction with school life, through play activities and experiencing sharing and co-operation skills, with their peers and adults in the setting.


We aim to provide a warm, friendly and accepting atmosphere where children can experience a wide range of planned and free play activities, which reflect a multi cultural and non-discriminatory point of view.


Our programme will be flexible and the range of activities available will be creative, stimulating and enable children of different ages and abilities to use their imagination. Children will be encouraged to have as much choice as possible in the planning of activities and meal time snacks.


Children are listened to and what they say and their ideas are valued. Staff will talk with them about what they are doing and help promote a sense of high expectation of what they can achieve and help them learn the concepts of right and wrong.


We aim to create a welcoming atmosphere in which parents are able to share information and where their views and concerns are respected, acknowledged and treated in a professional and confidential manner.




Breakfast Club                                                         £3.00 per child


                                                                             £2.50 per sibling


(Includes breakfast if required)



After School Club                                                    £6.00 per child


                                                                            £5.50 per sibling


(Includes snack if required)


*Children attending up to 4.00 pm for afternoon sessions will be charged £1.50.


There is a reduction of the fees charged for siblings who attend the club at the same time.


Fees can be paid each session, weekly or by invoice.


Staff/Child Ratio


The staff/ratio for children under 8 is 1:10. 


Working in Partnership with the School to Plan and Devise Activities


St Joseph’s Out of School Club will plan activities that compliment and support the teaching and learning that is going on in school. Close consultation takes place with school staff to ensure that planned activities are appropriate and contribute to the wider holistic development of your child/children.


We will inform you regularly of all the activities the children are participating in. We will also liaise with the class teachers to ensure that your child/children are happy and settled in the club.


EYFS children’s observations will be passed to the class teachers at regular intervals to complement the teaching & learning in school.


Policies, Procedures and Statements available:


A copy of all the Out of School Club policies are available for parents to view at the Reception Desk each day. If required a request can be made for a copy of any policy.


Safeguarding Children


  • Children’s Rights and Entitlements – Policy Statement
  • Safeguarding Children and Child Protection
  • Looked after Children
  • Confidentiality
  • Information Sharing
  • Missing and Uncollected Children
  • Making a Complaint


Equality of Opportunity


  • Supporting Children with Special Needs
  • Achieving Positive Behaviour


Promoting Health & Hygiene


  • Administering Medicines
  • Managing Children with Allergies
  • No-Smoking Policy
  • First Aid
  • Food & Drink


Suitable People


  • Employment
  • Induction of Staff, Volunteers and Managers
  • Student Placements


Health & Safety


  • Health & Safety General Standards
  • Reporting Accidents and Incidents
  • Suitable Premises
  • Risk Assessment
  • Health & Safety Standards
  • Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation
  • Food Hygiene




  • Admissions
  • Key Persons & Settling In
  • Partnership with Parents




  • Record Keeping


Record Keeping


We maintain records of all children who attend the Out of School Club either on a regular basis or occasional use. Information given pertaining to the children is kept on the premises in a secure place. Parents can have access to their own child’s records by request.


Health & Safety


The safety of the children is of paramount importance and the Out of School Club will ensure that children will be supervised by adults at all times.


Equipment will be checked both indoors and outdoors regularly and any broken or damaged items will be repaired or discarded.


Regular Fire Drills are held in both before and after school club.


Working with Parents


We value parents, carers and children’s opinions and will ensure that whenever possible we will support the needs of all the children who attend our setting. We respect the wishes of all parents and/or carers.


Please feel free at any time to let us know any concerns which we will endeavour to resolve.


Complaints Policy


St. Joseph’s Out of School Club accepts that it is accountable to parents for the quality of the service that is offered.


Parents/Carers have the right to lodge a complaint concerning the welfare of their child and/or the practices of the settings.


Any complaint that is made will be dealt with promptly and fairly. The nature of the complaint plus any action taken and the subsequent outcome will be recorded.




In the event of any complaint a parent’s/carer’s first point of contact would be their child’s key worker.


Should that fail to resolve the complaint the parent/carer must contact the Out of School Club manager – Mrs Jean Crawford


If the parent/carer is still not satisfied with the response, approach should be made to the Management Committee. Complaints must be presented to the Management Committee in writing and will be dealt with at a Management Committee meeting which the parent/carer is eligible to be present.


The decision of the Management Committee will be referred back to the parent/carer.


Should the parent/carer wish to take the complaint further, the matter must be dealt with by the OFSTED regulator.


Contact OFSTED directly at:


OFSTED Early Years


3rd Floor Royal Exchange Buildings


St. Ann’s Square




M2 7LA    


Telephone Number:           0845 601 4772



The Committee


St. Joseph’s Out of School Club is managed by a voluntary committee. All parents of children at the Out of School Club are eligible to be elected onto the committee.


There are three elected members of the committee. The Chairperson oversees the running of the Out of School Club Committee and works closely with the staff and parents to ensure that everyone’s interests are represented. The Chairperson is responsible for supporting all other committee members.


Committee meeting minutes are available on request.


If you require any further information that is not included in this booklet please do not hesitate to contact us at the club.  Copies are available in the club.



The information contained in this document relates to the school year 2017/2018 and although correct at the time of publication, it should not be assumed that there would be no changes before the start of, or during the school year. Amendment sheets will be added when needed.