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This term our new Topic would have been 'Sound'. All activities for this term will be based on this topic. Miss McGavigan would also like for you to be researching the key terms for the topic which are in the Science Competition poster. 


LO: To describe and explain sound sources.

Week Beginning 15th June

Week Beginning 1st June

Sound Week Four

Sound Week Three

Activity week three

Activity Week 3


Try three different instruments that you might have at home to explore how they make sounds of different pitch. You could also try create an instrument of your own to test. 

For each type of instrument, write its name and draw a diagram of it in the box. Label your diagram to show how you made high and low sounds.

Complete the table above into your home-learning book for each instrument, noting down any observations you made about the way high and low sounds are made.


Sound week two 04/05/20

Part 1
Part 2

Sound Topic Summer One

LO: To describe and explain sound sources.

Hard copy to download!

Week Three 21/04/20

This week you're going to investigate muscles in the body and how they work. 

At home research muscles in our body and how muscles are needed for movement. Click on the link below to watch a clip that will provide you with more information.


Once you've completed your research, complete the activity sheets attached in week 3. You can draw the activities into your home-learning book or print the resources if possible. 

Activities Week 3

Activity 1
Activity 2

Week two 01/04/20

Week beginning 23 03 20


Hard copy to download!