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Ancient Islamic Art

Lesson 7 - Printing Patterns 2

Last week you created your own stamp using a style similar to the Ancient Islamic patterns we have looked at. This week we would like you to use paint on your stamp to create a repeated pattern. Have as many goes as you like until you are happy with it! Please send pictures we would love to see! 

Once you are happy with it. There is an evaluation sheet for you to complete!



Lesson 6 - Printed Repeated Patterns

Lesson 4 - Islamic Vegetal Repeated Patterns

Lesson 3 - Draw your own Geometric pattern using circles

Lesson 2 - Let's find some Islamic Art on a virtual tour of the Grand Mosque!

Lesson 1 - What is Ancient Islamic Art?

Task 1

For the first art task we would like you to take a photograph of something you have created or something you have done over the past 2 weeks. If you send your pictures to your teacher via ClassDojo they will then be uploaded to the school website so your friends can see what you have been up to.

Mrs Monteith's Art Challenge