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Design and Technology

Our DT project will be focusing on biscuits. 


How to make biscuits- WB 02.11.20

Below are instructions about how to make biscuits, however, they are in the wrong order. 

Can you sequence them? 

Watch the following video clips to see how biscuits are made in factories. 

Chocolate digestives-

Jaffa Cakes-

Kit Kats-



Researching biscuit packaging- WB 09.11.20


Biscuit tasting- WB 16.11.20

This week in DT, we are tasting biscuits. 

Think about the texture -what do they feel like? (crumbly, crunchy, chewy, soft etc)

Taste- what do they taste like? (bitter, sweet, spicy, tangy etc)

You can use different biscuits that you may have at home. 


Challenge- How would you improve the taste of the biscuit?

Designing biscuits- WB 23.11.20

Choose one of the templates below to design your own Christmas biscuit. 

Remember to label your biscuits with what ingredients and decorations you will use. Eg. Strawberry laces as tinsel, colourful smarties as baubles.