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Welcome to our English home-learning page. Every other day we will be setting an English task for you to try and complete at home. Please do not worry if you are unable to do parts of it! Do what you can.


We believe that your time at home is a great opportunity to read lots and practise your spellings and so we have attached a book review template as well as the key spellings.


Each week we will add a set of weekly spellings that we would normally send out for homework. They will be put on the page every Monday - starting next Monday (30.3.20). You could learn a few each day and then ask someone to test you? You could also put them into sentences?


Please do not feel like you have to do everything! 





Reading is so important - I'm sure you've heard us say that before - lots of times!! This is the perfect opportunity to find a comfortable place and read, on your own or with others in your home.

In your home -learning pack, there are a number of book reviews so why not complete these once you have read your book? Once we return to school, you could share these reviews with your class. Remember, reading does not have to only be fiction books!


If you don't have the home-learning pack, we have attached the link to a book review here. If you can't access the link, don't have a printer and don't have the home -learning pack, why not present a review in a different way? It does not have to be on the template we have sent. laugh


We look forward to hearing about what you have all read!



Here you will find your English activities. If you are unable to print the activities, then please use an exercise book, note pad or any paper you have at home.