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Autumn Two

26.11.20 - 3.12.20

Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be focusing on developing our comprehension skills.

There are two comprehensions to choose from this week, comprehension A or B.

19.11.20 - 26.11.20

For a change this week, we are having a grammar focus and will be looking at subject and verb agreement.

Autumn One

5.11.20 - 11.11.20

As in recent weeks, homework this half term will continue with writing sentences which include our weekly spellings. As a challenge this week, we have asked if you can include relative clauses in any of your sentences, using the relative pronouns: who, whom, whose, which or where. We look forward to hearing you read some of them out next Thursday smiley

Change to English Homework:

The children in Year Five will now receive weekly homework which will consist of the children taking their weekly spellngs and completing work about them on the attached sheet. Children are to write their weekly spellings in the first column, find the definitions in the second column and then write the word in a sentence in the final column. 

This is to be completed and handed in every Thursday. If there are any questions, please ask morning teachers smiley

Weekly English Homework - Due every Thursday

Word Classes - Due in on 1.10.20