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Welcome to Maths home learning. Every other day we will be setting a Maths task for you to try and complete at home. These tasks will mainly be areas that we have already covered in school which we would like to you keep practising. When and if we introduce something new, we will add some extra information to help guide you through.


Miss Ridgway's and Mrs Lally's top tips are to keep practising your times tables. We will add some times tables activities for you to work through at your own speed. If you are feeling really enthusiastic you could play on some My Maths games too or try setting yourself a goal of chanting a times table you are not confident with every day!


Take this opportunity and turn this into a positive by taking ownership of your own learning and having the time to practise any areas of Maths you don't feel confident. Enjoy!!

Times Tables

x 6

Monday 23.03.20 - mental strategies for addition and subtraction

Wednesday 25.03.20 - Subtraction (formal method)

Friday 27.03.20 - Counting on to subtract