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Weekly maths homework


You have now all been give your login details for the MyMaths website.

Use this to log in every week and access your homework.

Homework will be set every Thursday and will be due in the following Thursday.

If there are any issues logging into MyMaths or with completing the activities, please speak to either Mrs Lally or Miss Ridgway.


Autumn 2

26.11.20 - Due 03.12.20

This week in maths we have focussed on multiples, factors and prime numbers. You have been given a fact sheet (attached to your English homework) with some helpful information to help you when completing your homework. This week your homework is set on MyMaths and will ask you to find factors of numbers, common factors and factors that are prime numbers. 

19.11.20 - Due 26.11.20

This week we have been looking at converting grams to kilograms and kilograms to grams. As the week has progressed we have become more confident at converting these units of measure and have looked at answering word problems. The homework this week is an extension of this learning and is set on MyMaths.

05.11.20 (due 12.11.20) - Formal written method for addition

Autumn 1

22.10.20 (Due 05.11.20) - Translation of shapes

smiley 08.10.20 My maths - formal method for short division number and word problems.

08.10.20 (due 15.10.20) - Times tables

01.10.20 (due 08.10.20) - Mental addition and subtraction

smiley 24.09.2020 (Due 01.10.20) - Addition and subtraction (using mental strategies)

laugh 17.09.2020 (Due 24.09.20) - Counting in powers of & mixed 2-12 times tables

smiley 10.09.2020 (Due 17.09.20) - Times tables (3, 4, 6 & 7, 8, 9)