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Describing positions - 15th November 2019

Adding - 8th November 2019

One more than - 25th October 2019

Length and Height 18th October 2019

How to support number formation

Homework 11/10/19: We have been learning about 2D shapes. We would like you to help the children hunt for 2D shapes in the environment, for example: on road signs, packaging, posters, cars and other ways 2D shapes are used. Please ask the children to describe the properties of the 2D shape, focusing on corners and sides (straight or curved).


One common misconception to look out for is a circle has 1 side not 0; it has 1 curved side.



Homework 18/10/19: We have been learning about length and height this week. Please encourage the children to explore length and height, finding items longer or shorter then a set length (you could use a piece of string). You could also challenge the children to order lengths and heights using the language: long, longer, longest, short, shorter, shortest, tall, taller and tallest.