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Week beginning 11/05/20


All year groups to recap colours and numbers using

Children must select colours and numbers themselves and play the game. 


Part 2:

Animals recap –  –

Beginners – animals, pets  - tutorial and games (extra – animals,farm – same thing)

Lesson Three 4.5.20


Look at the Power Point 'Questions Match'. 

Task 1

Match the question to the answer from the first slide.

Task 2

Translate the questions and answers into English

Task 3 

Write your own answers in Spanish so that they relate to you (for example, your name, your age).

Lesson Two


Week beginning 20/04/20


This week we would like you to watch the clip below. 

Once you have watched the video clip fill in the following worksheet. You must label the house and label as many items as possible that were mentioned in the video.


Why not be creative and draw your own house into your home-learning book and label it?