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Children will have a Phonics lesson every day. As children learn a new sound they will bring home a sheet to reinforce this learning.  Please help your child to recognise this sound and to hear the sound in words.  Playing games such as 'I spy' are really useful to help children to develop their knowledge and understanding of sounds in words.  At this stage of the year lots of our learning is practical, we use magnetic letters in class to support our learning.  In addition to this we plan activities such as sorting groups of objects based on their initial sound or forming letters in sand/glitter.

Pre-cursive letter formation A-Z (please see individual week for which letters to practise)

Homework 11/10/19- Please practise the letter formation for the sounds we have learnt so far;


m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b, f

Homework 18/10/19: Please practise letter formation of: m, a, s, d, t

Homework 15/11/19: Please practise the letter formation of: j, v, y, w, th

Please use the laminated letter formation sheets handed out during parent meetings to support the children (if you couldn't make it then I have put them in the children's book bags this afternoon). The sheets will help support the children with this and future homework challenges.


Please take the time to read with the children, some books will have CVC words in so please remind children to use their Fred Fingers (they will need support).


The RWI website link on the class page would be really helpful for you to support the children with reading.