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Photo Time!

Zach has worked hard and followed the instructions very carefully to create a model of a heart. He has even labelled the different components to help understand how the heart pumps blood around the human body. Well done!

Look at Amber's Dream Catcher! She has been very creative with a head band, bobbles, string, ribbon and pom-poms! I love it! Well done Amber *

Zach has been helping his brother in Year 2 with his topic 'The Great Fire of London'. He has created this wonderful sketch of the bakery on Pudding Lane, where the fire began!!! Well done you!

Look at Amber's 'Sell a story' competition entry - just fabulous!

I am very intrigued about Izzie’s entry to the art challenge! This idea would make a great mystery/ suspense story Izzie - fabulous!

Beau has also kept busy by baking some cupcakes and decorating them with a very important message. Keep up the hard work!

Beau has been keeping busy at home. Have a look at his model of the Trojan Horse he was able to create. Great work Beau!

Esmee has been reading so many books at home that she has even begun writing her own book called 'The Cat and The Dog'. Chapter 1 is already so exciting that I can't wait to read and discover what happens in Chapter 2!

Amelia has created a beautiful, calm picture to show a loving emotion through her keyhole.

Amelia has created a wonderful, acrostic, rhyming poem to help us learn the 3 times table. This is super catchy and clever!

Esmee has created an acrostic poem all about kindness! In such a strange time, what a wonderful message to spread to everybody!

Evie's amazing Science competition entry all about the lungs using scientific vocabulary.

Evie's beautiful acrostic poem about the value of Justice. Evie has made this for Mrs Anderson's hall display.

Nicole's pictures with chalk

Ruby's Early Islamic timeline

Patrick's colourful keyhole of hope! A lovely message to send into our Art competition!

Luca's fantastic keyhole into space! It is out of this world!

Nicole's Early Islamic timeline

Amelia's Winning Poster

Nicole's Uniform Designs

Amber's Prayer of Thanksgiving for Key Workers

Evie's Resurrection Picture

Zach's trojan horse and moon biscuits.

Evie's Trojan horse

Daniel's cake and decorating skills

Emily's canvas painting

Luca's Butterfly

Amelia's home learning activities

Mia's Origami

Emily's Trojan Horse

Nicole's RE picture

Izzie's sausage casserole