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Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education is developed throughout the school using a variety of programmes, which enables the children to learn and gradually master the personal and social skills that are fundamental in the development of a happy, healthy, purposeful life and positive citizenship. PSHCE is also integrated into the R.E. Programme – The Way the Truth and the Life.


Throughout the current year we have been establishing the Rights Respecting School ethos which engages pupils in recognising rights and responsibilities and working through various topics and lessons in order to bring these values into everyday life.


The children also develop their emotional health through the delivery of the SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning) programme. This is a whole school approach which involves discussion, team work, circle time and individual reflection. Each theme is introduced through a whole school assembly and is celebrated upon completion.




Sex/Relationships Education

The children’s sex education is based on Christian Principles and is related to their stage of development as they progress through the school. Sex/Relationships Education is part of our curriculum for science, Personal Health Social Citizenship Education (P.H.S.C.E.) and R.E.



In Year 5 & 6 the children receive information about puberty, which is taught by school staff and the school nurse. Prior to this parents are invited to discuss the programme and have the right to withdraw their child if they so wish.