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13.07.20 - The Mission of the Church

Please read through the Mother Teresa information and think about how she felt her calling from God. We would like you to use the information to create your own fact file about Mother Teresa (e.g. mindmap, poster, leaflet). 

06.07.20 - The Communion of Saints 

Please use the following page from our textbook to help you complete activities 1 and 2. 

29.06.20 - The Church's Year

15.06.20 - The Teaching of the Apostles

Page needed for Task 2.

08.06.20 - The Cost of Discipleship

01.06.20 - Paul and Silus

18.05.20 Stephen and Saul

12.05.20 - Create a Prayer Space

A Prayer Space allows children the opportunity to reflect.  

We thought it would be a lovely idea this week for you to create your own Prayer Space or Prayer Activity. 


We have added some ideas below and there are lots more on if you want to check them out. 

Please send us pictures of what you create; we love to see what you are getting up to!

27.04.20 - Jesus makes Peter head of the Church