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We are a group of Year 6 pupils who meet weekly to bring you the news from across the school. Keep checking the page regularly for new stories.  



Mad Science

Written by Taliya


Jet Stream Jenny, from Mad Science, visited our school on Wednesday 23rd January and lead an exciting assembly where she performed a few of her science experiments in to demonstrate what students would be able to do in Science Club.


As part of the assembly, she told the children of St Joseph’s about a Mad Science club which his ran after school. In the club, children get to make many things: slime, lights, potions and lots of other fabulous experiments.


Bishop Mark Visits!

This was written by Kacper.


On Friday 25th of January 2019, the Bishop of Shrewsbury (Bishop Mark) visited St Joseph’s Upton and answered many questions from the inquisitive pupils.


He first began with introducing himself to the school after being greeted by a beautiful, harmonious melody that was sang by all of the school. Students were then allowed to ask questions. That was the point where creativity truly migrated into the pupils’ heads. The children discovered a lot of new facts about Bishop Mark. Bishop Mark reported that he enjoys being Bishop but he would never want to be Pope as he would have way too much things to do and many things on his mind.


One of the most honouring things was when Bishop Mark Davies blessed the Prayer Room which has been open for some time.  He spread holy water around the room so that God would look over it as equally as anything else inside of the world.


Bairagi, a student in year 6, stated, ‘It was a pleasure to meet him and he showed a great example on how to take care of the world.’




Remembrance Day


On the 9/11/18 we all took part in a minute of silence to remember all the fallen soldiers.


During the week we remembered all the fallen soldiers from World War Two but especially World War One because it was the 100th anniversary. We took some time out of lessons to go into the spinney and reflect. Some classes read out prayers and some War-Time poetry. Children from Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 took part in a poetry competition that was held by the Head of KS2- Mrs Fewtrell. Foundation Two took part in an art competition: they drew pictures from the war. As well as this, every child in the school made a poppy from the bottom of a bottle to place in the spinney.



5/6 Art Day

Article written by Kacper.


On the 22nd of November, Years 5 and 6 both participated in the Art Day where they made soldiers of real local heroes.


Mr Fenelly (a local artist) assisted them as they made their war-time sculptures. It started off by Mr Fenelly showing the children how to make the base, the face and the head.


After playtime, Mr Fenelly came into Mrs Madden’s class and the other classes joined too. At that time, the pupils were shown how to make every little detail and things to make their soldiers look unique. Finally, they made name tags in really fancy handwriting. All the soldiers were given a name of a local soldier who died during World War 2.


Bradley, a year 6 pupil, quoted: ‘I enjoyed the Art Day and my favourite part was doing the paper-mache.’


Jack, another year 6 student, stated: ‘It was fun and I really enjoyed making the face on my soldier!’




Play Leaders

Written by Rianna and Patrick



Some Year 5 and 6 children at St. Joseph's have been chosen to be Play Leaders to help lead fun games at lunchtime.


Play Leaders are some specially selected children who help out and make lunchtimes fun on the playground. These lucky people have been through a very thorough training process but they all were delighted to hear that they all passed!


Play leaders do a range of activities: football, basketball, speed bounce, skipping and parachutes.


Katie, a Year 6 Play Leader, commented: “I like being a Play Leader because you get to help out with the little kids”.


Bairagi, another Year 6 Play Leader, said: “I get to play some sports and get to have an experience of what a Play Leader is like.”


Mrs Williams, who helps to organise the Play Leaders, said: “The Play Leaders are good role models. The children look forward to seeing the Play Leaders so they can play. There are a good mix between juniors and infants. It boosted the confidence of the younger children and they now they play with games they would not normally play with. It offers variety on the playground so they have new games every day. Not just the same one every day.”


 Spanish Lessons!

 Written by Alicia



A big welcome to Miss Foulds, who is now teaching Spanish in our school.


Starting from Foundation 2 all the way up to Year 6, everybody is being taught Spanish in the afternoon by Miss Foulds. Miss Foulds will be here for the whole of this year. She said that she loves teaching here and she has had a nice welcome from the children here in St. Joseph’s.


She has spent 5 years teaching languages that she has experienced and nearly 20 years of teaching.  Miss Foulds has lived in Spain for 8 months with a few other crew members.


THe children learnt about the three little pigs and learnt a lot of colours. Miss Foulds taught children numbers like how to count to ten (Dief). She gets a new class every half term which means she gets to meet more new people and make new friends and teachers in different classes so she will feel very welcome.


“I like it because it’s a new language that we have not learnt before”, said Sophie.


“I love Spanish I just think that it is a bit hard but when you get to learn it properly it is very fun,” said Jess.



A Visit from the Book Bus!

This article was written by Kacper.


On the thirteenth of November, the Book Bus (operated by The Book People) arrived for one day to sell a range of different books to the children of St. Joseph’s.


Every class went into the Book Bus to look at the books; some children were fortunate enough to have brought money with them and were able to buy some. Children could buy any book like ‘Wonder’, ‘World’s Worst Children’ and even more. There were also entire packs of books like the entire Harry Potter series and Enid Blyton series. The Book Bus stayed after school so that parents had an ability to buy books too.


The Book People were founded on the 26th of August 1988. They also have a website where they sell books. The Book People travel around the UK and they even go to schools to sell books and toys.


Glen (a Year 6 pupil) said: “I really enjoyed visiting the bus: it’s a great way to inspire children to read more often.”






Health Workshop

Written by Olivia, George and Taliya.

During the week, St Joseph’s held an event for parents/carers and children after school to promote being healthy.


The event was held on Tuesday afternoon and it contained many things: hula hoop contests, football contests, how far can you stretch, healthy food stand, colouring, how many germs are on your hands, healthy eating poster competition and can you guess how much sugar the drink contains.


Becky - a Police Community Supporter and Traffic Officer - was invited into school to talk about the dangers of talking to strangers. She told us that she helps/supports victims of crime such as burglaries and anti-social behaviour.


Freddy Fit was also invited to our school to show the children many ways of maintaining their body. This week he came and taught every class PE on Tuesday and Wednesday. Freddy Fit was very funny, exciting and great fun; all the children loved it.


The Play Leaders, who play games with children during lunch times, hosted their own activity where children could take part in hoolahoppping and football activities. One Play Leader said: “We are here so that we can up level the children’s sports and games at lunch times.”


Mrs Anderson stated, “I put this health workshop together to raise awareness of the children’s health and safety.”


All the people who came to the evening loved it!

3 / 4 Art Day!

Written by Taliya Peter


On the 27th September, the Year 3s and the Year 4s took part in an exciting art day.


For their art day, they made Stonehenge models. They have been doing this with local artist, Mr Fenneley. The children have been making this because it is linked to their Topic work on the Stone Age. The work also links to their English lessons in which they have been reading Stig of the Dump, which is set in the Stone Age.


 Daniel, a Year 4 pupil, said: “We have been learning lots about the Stone Age: survival skills , cavemen and lots of other things.”

Miss Buckley, a Teaching Assistant at St Joseph's, said: “ I was surprised that they could make such an amazing art project by using just two cardboard roles, tissue paper and old newspaper.” 




Mrs Holman has created an exciting new system to monitor and improve attendance for our school.


At the end of the week, our ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Advisor), Mrs Holman, has arranged that the class which has the best attendance will win a whole class prize.


At the end of the Award Assembly on Friday, the winning class is announced. A child from the winning class will pull a prize out of a bag. There are multiple prizes to win: crazy hair day, biscuit decorating, extra playtime, board games, fancy dress and many more.


Olivia, a year 6 pupil who attended crazy hair day, said: ‘It was very exciting seeing other people’s hair styles. Prizes are good to have because it motivates people to come into school.’


Kacper (a year 6 pupil) quoted: ‘It was really cool and I loved seeing other people’s hair. It also makes pupils want to get into school so that they can get a reward.’


Miss Tully’s and Mrs Rozario’s classes have won the majority of the attendance prices so far.












Head Girl

Written by Glen


What is a Head Girl?

A Head Girl is someone that is a role model. She also sits on the school council and brings new ideas to the school.


Who is our Head Girl?

We are very lucky to have Antonia as our Head Girl. She was voted by the Year 6 pupils, because they thought she was the right person for the job.


Olivia ,a year 6 pupil, said: “I think she is good for the role because she is sensible and someone you can talk to.” 


Antonia is very happy with her role: she was shocked when her name was announced and thanked everyone for their participation in her dream.


The vote will be taking place again after Christmas to find someone else for the place.





Head Boy

Written by Patrick


During the first week of school, Year 6 voted on who should be Head Boy. Raphael is our new Head Boy.


I asked Raphael a few questions on what it is like to be head boy.


What is it like being head boy?


It is very good because instantly people respect you!


What did it feel like when you were voted to be head boy?


I was extremely happy!


What qualities do you think you have?


I think I am a good person because I’m generous and kind


What do you think you’ll bring to the role?


I’ll bring to the role how to show little children to be kind.


What do you think you could achieve this term?


I think I could achieve making people happy.








F2 classroom transformation

Written by Olivia


During the summer break, a building contractor came to our school to transform the two F2 classrooms into one large F2 classroom.


Now all the infant children are all together in the same classroom. In total there are 40 children with the teachers: Mrs Anderson, Mrs Todd, Mrs Williams, Mrs Williams and Miss Celia.


Georgia, an F2 student, said: “It’s very fun all together.”


Cameron, a F2 child, commented: “I love it because I’m with all my friends.”


New Morning Class Set-up

Article written by Kacper.


At St. Joseph’s, each child’s next school year has begun and there is a new aspect about class.


Now, at the beginning of the school day, the children in Key Stage 2 are taught in year group classes where they will be learning English, Maths and R.E.


For the year 3s, the children might go to Miss McGavigan’s class or Miss Brown’s class for the morning. Year 4 may have Miss Tully or Mr Brown. Year 5 might go to Mr Breen’s class or Miss Lally’s class. Last but not least, Year 6s might travel to Mrs Fewtrell’s class or Mrs Madden’s class.


In the afternoon children may be taught by a different teacher and will work in mixed-aged classes. The feature was introduced at the beginning of September 2018.


Oscar, a year 5 with Miss Lally as his morning class teacher, quoted, ‘The morning classes are nice - you can see your friends which you don't see in the afternoon.’


Michelle -a pupil from year 6- stated, ‘They’re fun and I enjoy doing Maths with Mrs Madden.’


Glen (a year 6 pupil) quoted, ‘I think that this is better because it helps me be more organised.’



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