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See what your friends have been up to...

Picture 1 Alba & Esmee's kindness posters!
Picture 2 Geoffrey has created a very thoughtful poster
Picture 3 Ben's camping set up!
Picture 4 Ben camping over bank holiday weekend, looks fun!
Picture 5 Christine's Keyhole Challenge!
Picture 6 Ben created a gorgeous poster...
Picture 7 ...for Mental Health Awareness Week! Well done!
Picture 8 Maisie's science competition entry, fantastic!
Picture 9 Maisie's science competition entry, fantastic!
Picture 10 Maisie's value poster, how lovely!
Picture 11 Matilda created a poster about Anglo-Saxonclothing
Picture 12 Dylan experimenting at home, looks exciting!
Picture 13 Christine learning her times tables through dance
Picture 14 Dylan planting and growing vegetables!
Picture 15 Geoffrey's RE work!
Picture 16 Matilda created a poster about Anglo-Saxonclothing
Picture 17 Max's writing, keep up the hard work!
Picture 18 Matilda created a poster about Anglo-Saxonclothing
Picture 19 Max has created a comic themed Art challenge
Picture 20 Max has created a comic themed Art challenge
Picture 21 Mia wrote a letter to her future self
Picture 22 Mia wrote a letter on International Nurses Day
Picture 23 Matilda has drawn a lovely picture of her family
Picture 24 Charlotte's magical Through the Keyhole Challenge
Picture 25 Matilda has been busy baking!
Picture 26 Biggest happy birthday to Dylan!!!!!!
Picture 27 It looks like you had the most amazing time!
Picture 28 Dylan also working extremely hard at home!!
Picture 29 This looks great Ben, keep up the hard work!
Picture 30 Christine keeping on top of her literacy skills!
Picture 31 Grace and her sister building a castle!
Picture 32 Marshmallow toasting whilst watching Venus
Picture 33 Grace's craft project, looks great!
Picture 34 Geoffrey learning his spellings!
Picture 35 Max is working extremely hard with his Maths!
Picture 36 Max's homemade flags for VE day!
Picture 37 Christine doing some PE outdoors!
Picture 38 Maisie used wax resist to create a Paschal candle
Picture 39 Geoffrey's keyhole challenge, looks great!
Picture 40 Geoffrey working hard at home!
Picture 41 Ben challenging himself with this tricky crossword
Picture 42 Geoffrey's VE day picture!
Picture 43 Christine's new reading area, it looks cosy!
Picture 44 Geoffrey drew a picture of his setting description
Picture 45 Geoffrey's fantastic setting description!
Picture 46 Why not also try create a setting?
Picture 47 Christine creating a time capsule!
Picture 48 Imogen making pictures out of numbers and letters
Picture 49 Geoffrey after his sack race, looks great fun!
Picture 50 Geoffrey's wonderful poster
Picture 51 Geoffrey building the Roman aqueduct!
Picture 52 Geoffrey's finished product, great work!
Picture 53 Geoffrey working hard
Picture 54 Imogen and her brother working with numbers
Picture 55 Geoffrey working on his handwriting and spellings
Picture 56 Geoffrey's prayer for RE, lovely!
Picture 57 Max's spellings!
Picture 1
Miss McGavigan colouring in at the weekend. I miss you all very much, hope you're staying safe and happy! 
Picture 1 Completing Maths with a smile, well done Aoife!
Picture 2 Maisie is creating a Roman sword, it looks amazing
Picture 3 Ben challenging himself with tricky Maths,fabulous
Picture 4 Alex making his own bubbles at home!
Picture 5 Ben has designed a super aqueduct!
Picture 6 Christine having a read after completing her maths
Picture 7 Theo working hard, great to see!
Picture 8 Geoffrey labelling the human body, great work!
Picture 9 Geoffrey's home learning book looking great!
Picture 10 Geoffrey completing his family time project!
Picture 11 Dylan learning how to make honeycomb!
Picture 12 Dylan busy reading online!
Picture 13 Beautiful art work Dylan!
Picture 14 Theo looking happy whilst working hard!
Picture 15 Dylan baking, you'll be a professional soon!
Picture 16 Geoffrey reading in the bath!
Picture 17 Max made monsters from milk cartons, looks great!
Picture 18 Dylan's rainbow creation!
Picture 19 Dylan baking as well as learning about volcanoes
Picture 20 Dylan busy completing his Maths!
Picture 21 Dylan telling us about the weather each day!
Picture 22 Dylan being creative, looks lovely!
Picture 23 Niall is going on a bear hunt, looks great fun!
Picture 24 Ben brightening up Miss McG's Monday morning!
Picture 25 Geoffrey baking at home!
Picture 26 The aftermath of Christine's Science experiment!
Picture 27 Miss McGavigan can't wait to read this story Max!
Picture 28 Dylan has been reading lots at home this week!
Picture 29 Matilda working hard at home!
Picture 30 Mia having fun doing her school work in her PJs!
Picture 31 Christine's doing Maths in her Pjs, why not guys?
Picture 32 Max is having a great time reading at home!
Picture 33 Alba busy working on her fractions!
Picture 34 Geoffrey's rainbow!
Picture 35 Christine's finished her book! How's your reading?
Picture 36 Max helping his mum bake delicious treats!
Picture 37 Geoffrey made his own assault course, wow!
Picture 38 Geoffrey working hard!
Picture 39 Dylan has been planting seeds!
Picture 40 Dylan has been working super hard at home!
Picture 41 Imogen and her brother exercising this morning
Picture 42 Katie busy learning her times tables!
Picture 43 Imogen and her brother waiting to clap for the NHS
Picture 44 Christine & her brother working hard!
Picture 45 Grace collaged a rainbow with her sister
Picture 46 Ben working on his handwriting at home!
Picture 47 Max and his sister having a PE lesson!
Picture 48 Christine's gallery of work at home!
Picture 49 Rainbow challenge with Max and his sister
Picture 50 Katie writing in the sun!
Picture 51 Max and Lola's finished products!
Picture 52 Max's rainbow challenge!
Picture 53 Christine's rainbow challenge!
Picture 54 Niall's rainbow challenge!
Picture 1 Lily and Josh working hard learning times tables
Picture 2 Matilda and Frankie have made beautiful rainbows
Picture 3 Max getting creative during Arts and Crafts
Picture 4 Katie writing a diary about her day!
Picture 5 Katie joining in with Joe Wicks for PE!
Picture 6 Ben taking part in our Reading challenge!
Picture 7 Christine's art work that she's been doing at home