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Activtiy 1 - Fill in the blanks

Activity 2 - Choose a template and use it to write a letter to Madrid.

Activity 3 - places to visit.

Read the storyboard (places to visit)  and then use or google translate to help you with tricky words (e.g fui = I went). 

Translate the Spanish and then draw a picture in each box to show that you understand what it means. Can you write what you have been up to using a similar format?


Activity 4 - Where am I?

Activity 5 - Go which way? 


Use the website link below to visit the website. Select the 'start' option and then click on the 'sentences' button. This will take you to a page with different topics. Use the right arrow and then select the 'Go - which way?' option. You should then view the tutorial before accessing the related games. Once you are finished you can develop your Spanish by visiting other topics listed on the website.

You can also use the following website to access a game which will help you develop your knowledge of numbers and colours.

Activity 6 - Recapping countries and identifying which countries speak Spanish.

Activity 7 - Daily routines

Activity 9 - Spanish Scrabble