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We are off into space again today.

Maths is an addition and subtraction activity using numbers up to 20. Remember to use counters, a number line or encourage the children to draw dots or lines to help them solve the problems

Topic: What would you take into space. There is a template you can use, or alternatively just get the children to draw and label what they would take on a journey into space.

Mrs Todd would take

1) a cardigan - as i'm often cold!

2) my cuddly toy - Halifax the dog

3) a curry to eat

4) a flask of tea

5) a book to read

6) my oldest daughter Eleanor (although she might be a bit scared!)

7) my youngest daughter Kara (who would love every minute of it!)

8) a hair brush - the lack of gravity would play havoc with my hair!

9) my tooth brush

10) some strawberry lace sweets


Don't forget to share your ideas with us.