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Weekly Challenges

Mental Health Awareness Week 


This week is Mental Health Awareness week and the theme this year is kindness. Can you draw or stick a picture of yourself in the sun and decorate your rainbow with ways that you can spread kindness or ways that people have spread kindness to you?
Send us a picture of your finished rainbow. smiley

Week Three


This weeks challenge is an Art Challenge!  This is an opportunity for you (and your family) to recreate a famous portrait (a painting of people).  Read the instructions in this document and all will be made clear.  Please send in any photos of your recreation and the original for us all to see!

Week Two


One things I love to do is listen to podcasts.  There are some amazing ones out there and I'm currently listening to one all about the Apollo missions to the moon.


Your challenge this week is to listen to a podcast.  You will find some links below that you may find interesting.  


Send us a photo of you listening to a podcast or send in a short review of the podcast so we can post it in the photo section.  If you are feeling adventurous, you could even record your own podcast on a subject you're interested in!


Have fun!

Week One 

Where is the most unusual and intersting place you can find to read a book? Send Miss Tully or Mr McEntyre a picture on Class Dojo! smiley