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Activity 1


Listen to the story.


Pause the video at different points and consider how The Lonely Beast is feeling. Does he look scared? Is he frightened? Have a go at putting yourself in his shoes and writing some sentences in first person (Using I) to describe how you feel.

Try to use conjunctions to explain your feelings.


Activity 2

Listen to the story again.


Pause the video at the different settings that he visits e.g. the cave, the forest, the sea etc.

Can you describe one of the settings? e.g. leafy forest or the deep, dark cave 

Remember to include;



Adverbs (-ly)

Diaries- WB 23.11.20

We have been reading the lonely beast our classes.

Imagine you are the lonely beast,  you are going to write a diary about your adventures. 

Use the worksheet below to help you plan your diary. 

Remember to use time adverbials,  adjectives,  feeling words and a range of openers.