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Activity 1

Watch the story 'The Lonely Beast':


Today we are going to be imaging that we are The Lonely Beast in the story. We will be planning our diary entry. I have chosen 3 parts of the story for you focus on. Can write down how he felt at each point in the story e.g lonely, heartbroken etc. Can you write some describing words to describe the cave too?


Activity 2 (This activity will be carried over a few days)

Use your plan from yesterday to help you write the first part of your diary. Use the first picture to help you. 

Think about how we start a diary- Dear diary,



First person (I)

Past tense

Feeling words

Writing it in the correct order 


Once you have written the first part, write the second part of the diary (use the second picture to help you) and then write the final part of the diary (use the final picture to help you).