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Writing Challenges

Write a Narrative

Can you write an exciting story that will keep your reader turning the pages? 


Remember to think about your spelling, punctuation and how you are going to make the reader read on.


Use the story mountain to help you to plan your story.


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Look carefully at the image below and let your imagination run wild! 


"Follow me," she whispered.

Could you use the following line as a story starter?


"Follow me," she whispered.







Partly Cloudy

Watch the video link below!


Could you?

  • Write a letter from Peck to Gus asking him to change what he is creating. 
  • Write a letter of resignation from Peck to his boss, outlining all the problems he is having. 
  • Rewrite the story changing the creatures that Gus creates.

Something Fishy

When writing a fantasy narrative with a real world trigger, try to write three sections for the opening of the story. The real word setting and finding the trigger, the journey to the fantasy land, (no matter how brief) and then arriving in the fantasy world.

In this case the trigger is the washing machine, the journey is very short - basically putting head in machine and then swimming the short distance into the underwater world.

Try writing other stories using everyday objects as triggers.

Perhaps you can find a trigger at home.

The journey to the fantasy land may be very quick or may take a while; it may be pleasant or unpleasant! Use the story mountain to help you!

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