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Welcome to our home learning page!

We hope that you are well and are all keeping safe at home.


This page will be regularly updated with resources and activities to support learning at home. 


If you do have any questions, please message Miss Wilson on Class Dojo.



Daily Learning Resources

Friday 2nd October 2020


Today you will continue to plan your story. Draw the next part of the story in the second box, when the whale gets stuck on the beach, Which key words can you write to help you with your retell next week? Then, draw what happens at the end of the story when the children come to help. 



Can you choose which inequality sign you will need to write to compare the numbers?

< > =

  • 8   ___   10
  • 2  ____ 2
  • 6  ____ 6
  • 1 ____ 4
  • 9  ____ 5
  • 0 ____ 3      




Can you create a poster at home to show how to look after God's world?


Thursday 1st September 2020


This task will be carried out over two days so the children at home can continue to work on this on Friday. 

Listen to our class text 'The Snail and the Whale.' There is a BBC version below or there are many versions on YouTube.


Next week, we are going to retell the story. Today you are going to plan the beginning of the story.



Can you remember what happens at the beginning of the story? Use the template below or split a piece of paper into three parts and draw a picture of what happens at the beginning of the story when the snail writes a message and the whale offers to help. Can you add on some key words which will help you retell the beginning of the story? e.g. Once there lived, snail, whale etc. 






Can you use the signs below to compare the amounts? You don't need to print the sheet you could draw the counters yourself and write the inequality sign.

< > =



Can sort the feelings into good feelings and not so good feelings?

Wednesday 30th September 2020


Use Fred talk to help you read the words below. Use the sound buttons to help you and don't forget to blend too!

Can you decide which words are real words or alien words?


Today we will learning about how to use the signs below. 


<     >    =

Do you know what these signs mean? We call them inequality signs. We can use the crocodile picture below to help us understand this. Can you use some objects at home to help you compare amounts up to 10? Have a look at the picture below to give you some ideas! You could use pasta, buttons, toys or even sweets! 






Can you sort the animals into three groups?


Spot      Stripes       Feathers


You could use the pictures below or you could draw some of your animals. Split a piece of paper into three parts to help you sort the animals.

Tuesday 29th September 2020


Today you will be recapping the sounds that we have been learning about. 

Use the document below to recap the sounds. 


Look at the table below which includes some pictures. Can you write the words using the correct sound?



Can you think of some of your own words with these sounds in and spell them correctly? 


Use the PowerPoint to help you learn about some new vocabulary.


Important Vocabulary:








Once you have been through the PowerPoint, look at the document attached below and see if you can identify which group has the greatest amount. 




You could use objects at home to make two different groups. You only need up to 10 objects! Can you compare the groups using the new vocabulary that you have learnt?


Have a look at the videos all about some landmarks in the UK.


Can you have a go at drawing one or more of the landmarks?

Can you remember what the landmark is called?

Monday 28th September 2020

All tasks set below to do not need to be printed or completed on the worksheets. Children's work can be recorded on a piece of paper at home.


Practise saying the sound below:


Look at the pictures that are attached on the document below. Can you write the 'nk' words to go with each picture?



If you can spell all of the 'nk' words correctly, can you use the words in a sentence? Don't forget to use a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces to separate the words. 



Today, we will be using one to one correspondence to help us count. This means that you will be using your pointing finger to point at the objects or pictures that you count. This will help you count accurately. 


Get a grown up to help you read some of the questions in the document below. Can you challenge yourself to explain why? 


Can you rip or tear paper to create a simple collage? 

You could use scrap bits of paper at home or even newspaper!


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