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Isabel created a vegetal Ancient Islamic Art pattern using a flower and leaf design. She used a polystyrene tile to create the pattern. She also created a geometric and a single leaf design using a cardboard tile. She glued string to create the raised pattern. It was interesting to see the different types of prints depending on which type of stamp we used.

This afternoon is certainly fit for a queen. Such a super effort for our virtual trip to London!

We love Olivia's beautiful narrative writing: the figurative language and vocabulary choices that she has used are simply sublime. Thank you for sharing your masterpiece, Olivia.

We love Olivia's amazing Science competition entry all about the circulatory system. She has used scientific vocabulary brilliantly throughout.

Maggie's magical insight into the world of Alice in Wonderland - for her Art competition entry! Fantastic!

Ewan's working really hard on his lockdown SATs paper!

Jismi's superb entry for our art competition. We love the silhouettes and the colours that she has used in this piece.

Imogen's superb entry for our art competition. We love the imagination in this piece Imogen!

Some fine 'eggsamples' of 'eggstordinary' egg protection units for our STEM task.

Another faboulous trojan horse! Well done!

Ewan's anime artwork

A wax resist to dipict the resurrection! Well done!

Olivia's Trojan Horse

Maggie's Eggstronaught

Tom's Soldier