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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Who are the staff at St Joseph’s?


Senior Leadership Team


Mr P Parry - Headteacher

Designated Safeguarding Leader / Child Protection / Assessment Leader / Curriculum Leader

Professional Learning Co-Ordinator


Mrs C Marrin - Deputy Headteacher

Advisor for Religious Education / NQT Mentor / Professional Learning Co-Ordinator / Assessment Leader / Behaviour Leader

6BM Class Teacher


Teaching and Learning Responsibilty Postholders


Mrs M Anderson - EYFS Leader (TLR) / Advisor for Physical Education / F2A Class Teacher


Miss R Maher - English Leader / 2M Class Teacher


Mrs H Lally - Maths Leader / 5LS Class Teacher


Teaching Staff


Miss K Smith - Advisor for Music / F2S Class Teacher


Miss K Forster -  Advisor for History and Geography  / 1F Class Teacher (Maternity Leave)


Miss L Murphy - Advisor for History and Geography / 1F Class Teacher


Miss H Wilson - Advisor for Art & Design / 1/2W Class Teacher


Miss A McGavigan - NQT / 3M Class Teacher


Miss L Greaves - Advisor for Languages / Sacramental Preparation / 3/4BG Class Teacher


​Mrs E Neale - Advisor for Science / 4N Class Teacher


Mrs D Spencer - Advisor for PSHE / EAL / 5LS Class Teacher


Mrs P Fewtrell - Advisor for Computing / 5/6F Class Teacher


Mr J McEntrye - Advisor for PSHE / 5LS & 5/6F Class Teacher


Miss K Brown - Advisor for Design & Technology / 6GM Class Teacher


Mr N Purslow - Planning, preparation and assessment cover for KS2.


Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)


Mrs J Walkden - Planning preparation and assessment cover for F2 and KS1


Teaching Assistants


Mrs S Munn

Mrs C Welsh

Mrs S Holmes

Mrs J Williams




Mrs J Davies - Buisness Manager

Mrs A Precott - Administration Officer

Miss M Wilkinson - Office Staff


Clerk to the Governors


Mrs E Speakman-Davies - Edsential


Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs J Crawford - Senior Supervisor

Miss ER Sherlock

Miss C McLaughlin

Mrs P McCarthy

Mrs A Brown

Mrs S Munn

Mrs C Welsh

Mrs S Holmes

Mrs J Williams




Mrs J Pryer - Cook

Mrs M Kleven - Assistant Cook

Mrs D Salem - Assistant Cook

Mr A Macdonald - Assistant Cook




Mr A Davies - Caretaker

Mrs M Price - Cleaner

Mrs J Trueman - Cleaner


Before & After School Club


Mrs J Davies - Club Administrator

Mrs J Crawford - Club Manager

Mrs A Brown - Assistant Play Worker

Miss ER Sherlock - Assistant Play Worker