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 As geographers, we aim to ensure that our pupils, as they progress through the school develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.


Children begin their journey by learning about the school environment, creating maps of the school grounds and learning about their immediate locality. Children move on to learn about Upton and where our school is situated. As children move up the school, their place knowledge expands. They learn about the countries of the UK and the capital cities, counties, landmarks of each.  They increasingly compare our locality with others around the world and compare contrasting environments. Children learn the names of continents, countries, major rivers and mountain ranges. They learn about biomes and identify the biomes that exist within each region.


They develop a deepening understanding of a range of physical geography processes. They learn how mountains are formed; the parts of the river; how rivers change over time; and why earthquakes occur.


Children develop their use of map reading and map making as they progress through the school. They learn to read maps of increasing complexity and use maps, atlases, aerial photographs and a range of information to find out about a locality.

Children will undertake regular fieldwork trips, venturing out into the surrounding area to gain a deeper understanding of the place. Data collection, observational drawing and map reading being developed though each.


Children interact with the school weather station to develop their knowledge of the weather in our locality. Daily measurements of the weather are recorded by all classes and comparisons made.