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Children are introduced to science work at every opportunity. Our science scheme aims to make children curious, to ask the how, the why, the what if...., the where and the when. Children are naturally curious, they like to investigate and so science comes naturally to many of them.  We aim to develop in the children the skills needed to be “scientific” and the knowledge needed to help them grow as scientists.


The Curriculum aims to develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding though the specific areas of biology, chemistry and physics although we do not use these subject headings.


In Key Stage One


Observations, asking questions, performing simple tests, identifying and classifying, gathering and recording data.


This is achieved through the study of plants, animals and materials.


In Lower Key Stage Two


Practical scientific methods, processes and skills are developed which build on KS1.



Setting up simple practical enquiries and fair tests, taking accurate measurements using standard units, presenting data in a variety of ways, drawing conclusions and making prediction.


In Upper Key Stage Two


Children in Years 5 and 6 now use their scientific experiences to explore ideas and raise different kinds of questions expanding their knowledge to Earth and Space.