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Helping To Improve Attendance

Helping Your Child


Here are some things that parents/carers and pupils can do to get good attendance:

  •  Have a regular bedtime;
  •  Have an alarm clock;
  •  Get up at the same time everyday;
  •  Leave early for school;
  •  Get a friend to call for you and come to school together;
  •  Get your equipment ready the night before and
  •  Have a regular time for your homework.


It is also really helps if parents:

  •  Take an interest in school work;
  •  Listen to their children read;
  •  Help with homework;
  •  Work in partnership with the school and
  •  Praise their children’s efforts.



We want to encourage all pupils to have excellent attendance. To support this aim, we give out certificates to pupils whose attendance is really good. Many of our pupils receive these certificates.