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Who's Who?

Come and meet our wonderful staff!

Who are the staff at St Joseph’s?


Senior Leadership Team


Mrs C Marrin - Headteacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead / Child Protection / Assessment Lead / Behaviour Lead / RE Lead / PSHCE Lead


Mrs C Sharp - School Business Manager

Finance / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead / Health and Safety / Premises


Mrs M Anderson - Deputy Headteacher

SENCO / More Able Lead / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead / Subject Leadership / ITT Mentor / RE Lead / PSHCE Lead / F2 Class Teacher


Mrs P Fewtrell - Assistant Headteacher

KS2 Lead / KS2 English Lead / Curriculum Lead / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead / 5/6 Class Teacher



Teaching and Learning Responsibilty Postholders


Mr N Hughes - EYFS Lead / DT Lead / F2 Class Teacher


Miss H Wilson -  KS1 Lead / Maths Lead / Year 1 Class Teacher



Teaching Staff


Mrs J Todd (0.6)  - Computing Lead / F2 Teacher 


Miss A Parr Class 2 Teacher


Miss Y Stewart   PE Lead/ Class 2 Teacher


Mrs R Rozario (0.5) -  KS1 English Leader / NQT Mentor / Sacramental Progamme Team / Class 3 Teacher 


Miss A McGavigan - Science Lead / Sacramental Programme Team / Class 3/4 Teacher


Miss K Brown (0.6) - Art and DT Lead / Sacramental Programme Lead /  Class 3 Teacher (on maternity leave)


Mr J McEntyre -    Geography Lead / Class 3/4 Teacher 


Miss J Tully - Music Lead / Class 3/4 Teacher


Mr D Breen - History Lead / Class 5/6 Teacher


Mrs H Lally (0.6) -  Health and Safety Lead / Class 5 Teacher


Miss S Ridgway - Art and Design Lead / Class 5/6 Teacher


Mrs E Madden (0.6) -  MFL Lead / Spanish Teacher



Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)


Miss H Guntrip - Cover Supervisor / Interventions Lead / TA CPD Co-ordinator


Pastoral and Attendance Officer


Ms C O'Sullivan


Teaching Assistants


Mrs A Buckley

Mrs S Pennington

Mrs L Turner

Miss K Smith

Miss J Williams

Miss H Lowry

Miss E Webb




Mrs N Smith - Administration Assistant


Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs J Harrison - Senior Supervisor


Mrs A Buckley

Mrs S Pennington

Miss K Smith

Miss J Williams

Miss H Lowry

Mrs L Turner

Miss E Webb




Mrs T Morgan -Cook

Miss M Kleven - Assistant Cook

Miss D Salem - Assistant Cook




Mr A Davies - Caretaker

Mrs M Price - Cleaner

Mrs J Trueman - Cleaner