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Here you will find lots of information about what we've been up to recently. Keep logging on to read about new events that will be taking place in the future.

Wellbeing February Calendar

February 2021


Aoife has come up with a lovely idea for you all to get involved with during the month of February - The Fabulous, Fit, Fantastic, Fun Filled, Five Ways to Wellbeing February Calendar of 2021.  We have unfortunately missed the first week of February but I'm sure we can carry it on over to March. Please have a look at all the fantastic ideas on offer on Aoife's PPT.

Pay it Forward

February 2021


Callum, a member of our School Council, asked us to join in with Pay it Forward - This is when someone wants to repay you for a kindness you have done for them, you can then ask them to pay it forward to someone else in their life instead - the intention is to create a ripple effect throughout the world.  Within our school community we are always finding ways to help each other -  that's what is so special about St Joseph's. Our key worker children along with their teachers have filled a good deed tree with what they would do to make a positive difference to someone else's life? 

Positive Affirmation Posters

February 2021


Here are a beautiful collection of poems, posters and pictures created by some of our School Council members. We hope they make you smile and think of one another  during this very unusual time.....please try to make time to say a little prayer for your friends and family.