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What is a School Council ?



Our Role


St Joseph's School Council is an elected body of children who represent all pupils' views at our school.


At St Joseph's everyone is important and we are always on the look out for new exciting ideas that can improve the running of our school. Our role is to bring about a positive change to everyone's lives and improve our facilities where we learn.


In School Council we gather everyone's ideas from each class in order to make changes at St Joseph's. We do this through Class Council meetings and suggestion boxes within the classrooms.


How do I become a Class/School Council Representative?


To represent your class you need to present a speech about why you would like to become a representative and explain about the skills you have to help you in this role. For example, you need to be a good listener and be able to communicate the ideas of others. When you have presented your speech the class votes and the people (one boy and one girl) with the highest number of votes is elected. They are then the Class Council Representative. All of the Class Council Representatives meet on a regular basis and these form the School Council.


It is good to be a School Council Representative at St Joseph's School.